Sublimation Info


Sublimation transfers only work on Polyester material or sublimation substrate products.

Sublimation WILL NOT work on cotton material. 

YOU NEED A HEAT PRESS to press this transfer. A house iron/easy press will not be WORK!

The sublimation transfer must be used on at least 50% polyester garment. 50% polyester will give it a vintage look. To get the most vibrant look, use 100% polyester. The higher the polyester count, the brighter the colors. Pressing onto 100% polyester materials will absorb the most ink from the transfer.

The garment must be used on a light-colored fabric. The transfer will not print white. The colors on the listing may be slightly different from the transfer.

Application instructions will vary depending on items they are pressed on. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR BLANKS SUPPLIER FOR THE RECOMMENDED TIME, TEMP AND PRESSURE

Sublimation transfers does not print white! If there is any white in the image, the color of the shirt will replace the white in the image.

You are allowed to sell any items you make with the sublimation transfers. There's no limit on the amount of items you can sell with the transfers and you can make any physical item(s) for ie: shirts, mugs, tumblers, earrings, keychains, etc. Endless possibilities with sublimation. 

Steps to apply Sublimation Transfers:
GARMENTS  (T-shirts, socks, etc)
1) Pre-press your garment for 3-5 seconds. Lint roll the area where your design will go..
2) Align the transfer where you would like the design to be. Heat tape can help keep it secure and in place (recommended).
3) Place a protective sheet inside the layers of the garment as well as in between your transfer and heat press to prevent color bleed. Butcher paper, parchment paper, copy paper or even cardboard work well for this purpose but must be replaced with each press.
4) Press with medium pressure at 380-400 degrees for 50-70 seconds. **Temperature and time will vary based on your heat press. This is only a guide.


1. Position transfer onto the tumbler using heat tape to secure
the transfer to the tumbler.  Make sure it is even and barely over lapping.  I always use heat tape down the seam and at the top and bottom and then secure the top and bottom with a silicone band.  Make sure you rub that seam really good (we don’t want air getting under there)
2. Place tumbler into shrink wrap cylinder.
4. Using the heat gun carefully direct hot air onto the shrink wrap until
tight around the tumbler.  (if you don’t have a heat gun, then skip the heat gun step and just put your cup in the over and it will shrink automatically.
5. Place tumbler in oven with recommended settings (350-365 degrees)(always have an oven thermometer as well as sometimes ovens will run hot and not give an accurate temp.
6. Turn the tumbler 180 degrees half way through the cook time.  (once I see the design thru the paper, its usually finished) (Tumblers are usually cooked between 5-6 minutes)
7. Pull from oven and remove wrap and paper. Caution contents will be hot
use heat resistant gloves for safety.

- If the image of the final product appears light increase the pressure or
the cook time slightly (30-45 seconds).
- If the image on the final product appears blurred or tumbler appears
yellowed or has brown spots reduce the cook time slightly (30-45 seconds).

-If your design is green (where it should be black) then it wasn’t cooked long enough.  Increase your cook time slightly.